first_: welcome to the internet presence of oscestra, the electronic oscillator orchestra.
oscestra is a solo project of subjunkie (a.k.a. heiko goergen) from saarbruecken/germany.
intention is the creation of electronic ambient-, experimental-, minimal- and soundtrack-music.

2018-01-04 new tools in 2017: arturia beatstep pro, modal craft synth, waldorf streichfett
2016-11-08 new tools in 2015/2016: teenage engineering po-12, teenage engineering po-14, teenage engineering po-16, electro harmonix prt, electro faustus ef110 blackfly, lom elektrosluch 3, bleep labs thingamagoop_3000
2014-12-09 new tools in 2014: teenage engineering op-1, arturia microbrute, akai mpx16, moog mf delay, digitech hardwire supernatural reverb, mooer ana echo, electro harmonix nano holy grail
2013-11-08 eowave metallik resonator and korg volca beats, bass and keys
1012-12-10 vermona retroverb lancet and vxxy dcm8 (chiptune drum machine)
2012-10-26 new noise flower electronics FEtng (touch sensitive noise generator)
2012-09-21 received: arturia minibrute analog synthesizer
1012-09-07 korg monotron duo and korg monotron delay
2012-08-01 new 8-bit mini synth standuino fraAngelico in my hands
2012-06-26 new device dirty electronics mute synth
2011-12-23 new drum, sequenzer and sampling tools: elektron octatrack, jomox xbase 888, jomox mbase 11
2011-09-14 new 8-bit lofi ribbon synth eowave the ribbon
[LIVE] i will make noise at the experimental play (dance theater) judith ernst
2011-04-01 new analog LFO flower electronics jealous heart
2011-03-18 dark time by doepfer
2011-02-11 first noise soundcheck for the experimental play (dance theater) judith ernst
2011-01-20 my first (as fast as possible) try of an "videoclip": suvarnabhumi
2011-01-11 new album experiment 2 is online (audio)
2010-12-15 last track (nr.22) for experiment 2 recorded!
2010-12-15 new 8bit distortion and sound destruction tool: wmd geiger counter
2010-10-05 dark energy by doepfer
2010-09-13 new "lo-fi" track suvarnabhumi uploaded
2010-09-08 new battery gear korg monotron
2010-08-15 i'm in love with sherman filterbank 2
2010-06-17 new battery toy fm3 buddah machine I for my outdoor setup and lo-fi tracks
2010-06-15 new battery toy duebreq sylophone beatbox for my outdoor setup and lo-fi tracks
2010-04-27 new gear moogerfooger feqbox sounds beautiful with the persephone
2010-04-09 new "lo-fi" and field recording track uploaded: a black mt. tower
[LIVE] 09.04.2010 audio-werkstatt_01...spirale-fahrstuhlmusik...spontane klangmalereien
2010-01-24 new noise box audible disease synth bomb SB-1
2009-12-15 license SL - sample play option for waldorf blofeld received and activated
2009-12-15 mfb step64 is my new hardware step-sequencer
2009-11-20 new epiphone eb-0 bass guitar
2009-10-03 (to go in) circles, new lo-fi track
2009-09-25 new low cost production experimantal lo-fi track "yopanish" uploaded
2009-09-25 new sound toys: gakken sx-150 analog synthesizer, the stylophone, fm3 buddah machine and boss rc-2 loop station
2009-08-25 new experimental persephone track "for the animals" online
2009-08-20 "the dark side of the guitar", new experimental guitar track (persephone tracks)
[LIVE] 07.08.09 ascension improvise to movies at the sound track performance -openair filmfestival- in saarbruecken at the kunstsilo.
2009-07-24 pictures and sounds of my gig with ascension at the free flow festival. visit ascension website
[LIVE] 10/11.07.09 free flow festival muetzingen/gorleben (ascension).
[LIVE] 21.06.09 ascension on fête de la musique, saarbruecken at the staden pavillion (12:00).
2009-06-04 new persephone track "foghorn" with my new moog mf-104z analog delay
2009-05-16 "descent", new persephone track (analog) with vocals by birgit ecker
2009-04-20 flower electronics little boy blue (micro analog modular synthesizer) and jomox m-resonator (analog filtermachine)
2009-01-20 new persephone track "hello"
2009-01-16 new synthesizer waldorf blofeld and an e-bow for the guitar
2008-12-09 4 new ascension_live records. don't be afraid of the sound, the loudness and the lenght
2008-12-09 pictures of our gig in the 'live' gallery
[LIVE] ascension experimental live session with toshé, purk and me on saturday 06.12 at nauwieser 19
2008-11-28 new toy: korg kaossilator
2008-11-22 "huygens" is a new persephone tracks
2008-10-24 new section "video" in the menu. check it out
2008-10-24 i received my new guitar gretsch g5850 mini bo diddley
[LIVE] ascension experimental live session with toshé, purk and me at nauwieserviertelfest on saturday 26.07, 21:30. location: nauwieser 19
2008-07-03 new tools: yamaha tenori-on and korg kaoss pad
2008-06-22 i played live with toshé and purk at the finissage of alexander karle at "nauwieser 19"
2008-05-23 new dark electro persephone track "redux" uploaded
2007-12-07 roland v-drums in the corner of the living room
2007-10-09 new song "halberg" (persephone tracks) online
2007-06-01 "persephone". new song uploaded
2007-05-17 new persephone track "digistorm" online
2007-05-05 mam mb 33 II analog bass synthesizer is "new"
2007-03-09 access virus TI included into the oscestra
2007-01-27 new persephone track "plutoed" uploaded
2007-01-13 new persephone track "absinthe" uploaded
2006-12-29 new dimmer track "in the shadow of the anti-sun" uploaded
2006-11-28 brand new track "the forgotten one" (persephone tracks)
2006-11-23 mega audio upload. goto kunstsilo tracks
2006-11-18 alesis micron is a new part of the oscestra
2006-10-24 new track "die liebe" uploaded
2006-10-04 new sound system arrived. CreamWare SYSTEM 1200 ASB (Minimax ASB and Pro-12 ASB) is now part of the oscestra,too.
2006-09-01 new track "dolphins" uploaded
2006-07-18 new track "everything failed wrong" uploaded
2006-07-04 oscestra will be a part of the jam-session for experimental music and sounds on 15.06 at the kunstsilo/saarbruecken
2006-06-13 first new track "obscured" including the incredible persephone uploaded
2006-05-23 yeah, eowave persephone stands in front of me. 100% analogue oscillator fingerboard synthesizer
2006-05-18 birgit ecker is now permanent member of oscestra
2006-05-18 new track "mozambique" uploaded
2006-05-09 new track "heartdesertconformity" uploaded
2006-05-06 oberheim matrix 1000 analog synthesizer became part of the oscestra